K. Andrzej Wajda – Artist

“Snout”- 12×18″ $5500

K. Andrzej Wajda (Kay Ahn-dray Vy-duh) is an award-winning professional photographer for over thirty years, making his living as a fine art photographer, photojournalist, and commercial/advertising photographer. His fine art images have been published on book covers, web sites, magazines, and collected by private and corporate art collectors. 

Kenneth Wajda
K. Andrzej Wajda

K. Andrzej Wajda is an artist who works with large format and medium format film, plastic toy cameras and low-fi digital cameras to create dynamic artwork for private and corporate collections.

“All my photographic life, I’ve been a documentary photographer, telling stories with images for editorial pieces.  When I delve into fine art photography, I look for the small details that surround the bigger story, and take us to a new place, photographs that are less about the four W’s–Who, What, Where, Why–and more about feeling.

“My images are inspired by the lyrical work of fine art photographers Sally Mann and Alfred Stieglitz and the documentary fine art photographers Stephen Shore and William Eggleston.  I believe in creating dreams with my art, a dance of light, a bit of visual play.

“It’s often been said my work feels like a dream, a whimsical location, something magical.  Or perhaps something foreboding out of a David Lynch film.  It’s a step away from reality, it’s my vision of the world.  I work in both black and white and color mediums and I divide my galleries into three categories: Abstractions, Natural and Structural.

“I create artwork using the finest boutique printing and handmade artisan frames.  My artwork is a luxury product, sized from 4×5″ up to 40×60″, for an affluent audience–collectors and interior designers.”

K. Andrzej Wajda was born in 1964 and has Polish heritage and was named after Poland’s most famous filmmaker, Andrzej Wajda.  He currently lives in Colorado and has offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. He’s available for commissions and assignments throughout the world.